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Rates in Blackjack


Game in blackjack is conducted between the player and the dealer of a casino. The problem of the player – to type 21 point or the sum close to it. If the sum of points of the player exceeds 21 he loses this round and the rate. The same concerns and the dealer of a casino. The player can stake on one or several next boxes a game table – fields for rates. Usually the sum of rates of the player should not exceed a table maximum, and there should not be less minimum of a table.

Playing blackjack in the casino Internet, the player should count and press button “Deal” (to distribute maps) then its maps will be handed over it. In the beginning of game the player receives on two maps on each boxing in which it has placed the rate. Having received two maps, the player can solve, whether additional maps are necessary to it, or it is necessary to transfer a course to the dealer of a casino. During the same time the dealer hands over itself one map the person upwards, or two maps one of which overturns so that the player saw its advantage.

Making decisions, the player can take one additional map, or stop. The player cannot take one more map if the sum of its maps already makes 21 point, or exceeds this sum.

After the player has accepted the final decision on the maps , the dealer hands over maps to it. The dealer is obliged to continue to type a map if the sum of its maps is less than 17 points, and the dealer should stop, if at it 17 or more points.

If the total sum of points of maps of the player exceeds a sum of points of the dealer, and thus it is no more 21 the player wins the rate at a rate of 1 to 1. If the sum of maps of the dealer is more, or the sum of maps of the player exceeds 21 the player loses, and the dealer takes away its rate. If at the player and the dealer equal sums of points – that this round is considered a drawn game, and the player simply receives the rate back.

Rates in Blackjack

At counting of a sum of points of a casino starts with advantage of maps. The ass, at will of the player, can be considered for 11 or for 1 point. Advantage of maps from the two to ten corresponds to their face value. Maps with pictures – kings, ladies, jacks – have advantage in 10 points. “blackjack” is a combination from an as + maps advantage in 10 points. By rules of any casino, blackjack it is possible to receive only on first two maps of any playing boxing. The combination blackjack is paid at a rate of 3 to 2. That is your rate in 100$ wins 150$ from above

All other advantageous rates of the player are paid 1 to 1, behind an exception some bonus rules which are present at various variants of game blackjack.

The combination of “blackjack” of the player wins in all cases, except a simultaneous combination of ” blackjack ” against the dealer. Thus the player does not win and does not lose – the drawn game appears.

Rate doubling (Double)

When the player on hands has only two first maps, and the sum of their points does not make 21 the player can double the rate (in some the casino Internet it is possible to double only in the presence of a sum of points from 9 to 11). Thus the player should count; equal to the initial rate on the given game boxing then the player will receive only one map irrespective of its advantage.

Division of maps (Split)

If first two maps of the player have identical advantage, for example: two two, or two tens (the lady, a jack etc) such pair combination can be divided on two new hands. Thus the player should double the initial rate – having divided maps, the dealer will hand over to the player additional maps to the first hand and, having finished game, will pass to the second.

If after division the as of the player receives the second map advantage in 10 points it will not be considered as a combination of ” blackjack”, and it is considered a usual happy sum of points 21. At division into assess, in the majority of a casino to each as of the player one map surrenders only. If after split as a result of distribution on hands of the player there were again maps of identical advantage the player can make one more, or even some divisions that the casino Internet is defined by rules of everyone concrete playtech slot machines.

The insurance .

If the first map of the dealer – an as the player can make the safety rate from « blackjack » the dealer, equal to half of initial rate of the player. “Insurance” wins at a rate of 2 to 1 if at the croupier ” blackjack ” drops out, and loses in all other cases. It is not necessary to abuse the insurance as this rate – the most unprofitable rate for the player, advantage of a casino in this rate reaches several percent.

Refusal of game (Surrender)

In the presence of this rule in a casino, the player has the right to refuse game on first two maps, having lost thus exactly half from the initial rate.

It is necessary to notice that though the general rules are identical, but in each casino there are small differences.